4×4 Lift Kits

Explore our wide range of customizable 4×4 lift kits and take advantage of our expert guidance to ensure a safe, legal, but most importantly head turning upgrade for your vehicle.

4×4 Lift Kits

APE Suspension is your ultimate destination for 4×4 lift kits, offering a diverse selection of brands and more than 50 customizable kit combinations. Let us guide you in choosing the perfect lift for your vehicle based on its usage, accessories, towing needs, and more. At APE, our knowledgeable team is dedicated to ensuring you make an informed decision.

Choosing a Lift Kit

3 inch lift on a Next Gen Ranger? Sure thing. 1 Inch on a Hilux, why not? Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered. Just remember choosing a lift kit isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem, so speak to one of our in house experts for personalised advice and recommendations.

We serve a broad range of customers, including the general public, motor trade, mining companies, fleet companies, and new vehicle suppliers. When you reach out to us, expect detailed questions about your vehicle, its usage and what has drawn you to wanting a lift kit.

Stay Legal

In Western Australia, the legal limit for lift is 2″, inclusive of wheel and tire height. Any vehicle seeking a higher lift must undergo a full engineering report by a qualified engineer in order to be legal.

Note: Vehicles modified to be over 2″ on WA roads may lack insurance coverage unless approved or certified. Ensure compliance with legal standards to enjoy a safe and insured driving experience.

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