Airbag Installation

Enhance your vehicle with our airbag installations from top brands like Airbag Man, Boss, &
PolyAir Spring, ensuring load support, safety, and legal compliance in WA.

Airbag Installation

Drawing on our extensive experience in installing airbags for numerous customers over many years, we proudly offer and install three reputable brands of airbags with full warranty coverage:

Airbag Man
Boss Air Suspension
PolyAir Spring

Airbags are designed to assist with vehicle loads. At Ape, we ensure the proper installation and approval of airbags, backed by our confidence and warranty.

Dispelling myths, airbags will not harm your vehicle. However, it’s crucial to understand your payload and vehicle capabilities to prevent chassis damage, irrespective of airbags. With years of experience, our team is ready to guide and assist with any loading inquiries.

If your vehicle is experiencing sagging, it could be due to load or constant loading, indicating potential weakness in your leaves or coils. While airbags can be a solution, reinforcing leaves or replacing coil springs might also be necessary, and we can provide expert advice in all of these areas.

At APE, we have a longstanding history of fitting airbags, offering accurate advice and information. Before purchasing airbags, consult with us for personalised guidance.

IMPORTANT: In Western Australia, modifying a vehicle’s suspension, including coils, leaf springs, and struts, with airbags and installing a switch accessible to the driver is deemed illegal. Such modifications require ENGINEERING APPROVAL at a substantial cost before seeking authorization from Highways for road legality.

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