Leaf Spring Resetting

Enhance your vehicle’s load capacity and height with our cost effective, expert leaf spring resetting service.

Leaf Spring Resetting

Discover our comprehensive leaf spring resetting services conducted in our Landsdale workshop. This service is ideal for newer spring leaves and vehicles needing additional leaves
to enhance constant loading and increase load-carrying capacity. Explore the benefits:

Cost-Effective Strengthening

Resetting proves to be a budget-friendly method for strengthening, concurrently adjusting your vehicle’s overall height, especially if it has sagged at the rear.

Precision in Height Adjustment

By opting for resetting, we can precisely set the desired height, offering a more accurate solution compared to generic off-the-shelf spring leaf packs.

Height Alteration Options

We can also lower a vehicle’s height if needed, providing flexibility in customization.

For personalised advice and accurate estimates, reach out to us by phone, send a contact form or visit our shop. Our licensed suspension technicians are ready to assist you. Contact us for details on:

● Vehicle height adjustment or raising through resetting
● Vehicle leaf spring strengthening
● Vehicle lowering through resetting.

We cater to a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, Utes, 4WDs, Caravan Springs, Trailer Springs, and Light Truck Springs, offering services for both multileaf and parabolic springs.

Let us help you optimise your vehicle’s performance and comfort.

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